How To Become A Metro Potential?

About the programme

The Metro Potentials management trainee programme is a two year programme designed for our METRO Cash & Carry countries. It is divided into 5 training blocks that are between three and six months long and take place either in the trainee’s home country or abroad.

The programme fast-tracks ambitious master graduates and talented young professionals to a management career in international wholesale. The trainees benefit from ‘on-the-job’ training and ‘off-the-job’ learning modules such as ‘knowledge & skills’ and ‘leadership behavior’.

During every training block you will take responsibility for one or more projects which will contribute to the development and progress of the business as well as yourself. Every trainee will be supported by a local mentor (country board member). Our aim is to develop your knowledge and skills over the two years so that you are prepared to manage a team of your own.

How is the two-year programme structured?

The programme is comprised of five training blocks that are between three and six months long, with rotations in different business environments. Trainees will always start in their home country, and will cover different project assignments and training activities with every new rotation.

The first rotation takes place in-store and aims to develop a basic understanding of METRO processes.

The second rotation takes place in the local country Head Office. This provides trainees with a deeper understanding of our business, and develops their crossfunctional abilities.

The third rotation will always take place abroad, either in a store or Head Office. This aims to broaden trainees‘ international perspective of our business.

The fourth rotation is spent at the Corporate Headquarters in Dusseldorf, Germany, and focuses on developing innovative capabilities.

The last rotation returns the trainees to their home country. They develop further leadership skills in order to prepare them for their first management position.

For more information about METRO POTENTIALS download the FAQs